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Hi my name is Lucy and I am 29 years old. I was and still am very concerned about my skin my body and my looks and for which I can do and cross any limit. In childhood I used to be very fat and bulky in size but when I got in school so I started doing exercises as I wanted to get slim like my sister and cousins.

In school my friends used to tease me and call me with weird and bad names like they used to call me fatso baby elephant and many other names. In the begging, I used to ignore but when they started calling me with weird nicknames all the time so I decided to get rid of this overweight for which I started doing exercises in my house and used to walk a lot but it was of no use.

Then I searched for best way to lose weight so it told me to do some exercises but the result was same I was unable to reduce my weight. Then I left it and started to take care of my body. Then one of an old friend of my came at my place. She used to be more overweighted than I was but now she had changed a lot as she was very slim and her body was in shape and was also very fit. I asked her so she told me to join a gym and ask the instructor to guide me for Weight loss. I did the same. When I went in the gym so there every one used to come either in bras and trouser or shorts so I went to a store and bought outfit for gym.

The out wear I bought for didn’t lasted even for a month and it got worn out. Even I was losing weight not gaining but still it worn out because of low quality cloth used in it. Then I brought out wear from another place. This outwears color faded on the third wash. Then I went to another store and asked the salesmen to guide me and get me the best out wear for gym which does not worn out quickly and whose color does not fades easily and quickly. The sales men gave me as set and told me just go and relax as according to him it was the best brand. I was really satisfied and was confident as the sales men’s talks had made me confident but the very next week the stitches of the out wear started to come out. Then I called my friend who had suggested me to join gym. She told me to just open Jaggad.com and shop what so ever I want to buy as they are one of the most famous and well-known brands with the best quality outwears with best quality cloth and materials used in it.


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Jimmy Chen, Publisher