THE TEN COMMANDMENTS (1956) is a film recounting the story of Moses, played by Charlton Heston. It is also a 1923 and 2007 film.
12/07/09 | Film

The Ten Commandments

by Shelly Rich


A little thing about idolatry. It applies to whatever it is that sneaks up on you and grabs hold, not just the gold and silver, you dig?


There’s not really a difference between country and city mice and snakes and other bugs that get in your house, or haven’t you noticed? Little bunny is one family’s pet and another’s rodent. All the same goddamn day.


A couple driving down the road starts fighting over which route is best, but then it’s that proverbial, no? Scenic routes they all are. Same destination, true dat?


My momma musta cooked chicken 714 different ways, but I’ll tell you one thing. That without the feathers was the best. Still, it fed me.


Sugah sits and obsesses over what she can’t have. She can, but would rather sit and obsess over the not having. Too much to really do. Lazy.


Boomer can’t get the plugs from his ears, but won’t hear of Jesus cause they say he can’t sin. He missed the part on forgiveness. The plugs you know. And the bitch down the road who screams we all dying cause we don’t know the way, can’t hear for her own plugs, you know what I mean.


But there’s a moon sometimes that’s so riddled with stars, she can feel a carpet of little mice, and wants to curl her toes in their miniature ears, hear their rodent brains. There must be some animosity, even in the subcreature’s consciousness. Sure he scavenges all the same, times are tough all over, but to make a lady in stockings cry? Brilliant.


And sometimes they witness creation without reason, good without converse and charity overt. Then stop at the crossroad, no question.


The moon can’t stand that the stars get all the attention, and the stars fret over juxtaposition. Silently, they wait their turns.


As he does and she does. A mouse squeaks and a girl squeals. It’s all perpetual, dig?