THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT (1979) is a documentary about The Who, named after one of their songs from their album My Generation (1965).
12/08/09 | Film

The Kids Are Alright

by Eric Feezell

Robbie DeLuth, 13
Pops has been acting crazy dumb ever since he got his real estate license. What, he thinks that gives him free reign to go around selling houses all hours of the day? He didn’t come home till nine o’clock on Tuesday, and even had the audacity to skip dinner, saying he’d gotten “a quick bite at Rubio’s earlier in the evening.” Mom’s was pretty devastated—she spent hours preparing that roast. The least he could do is pretend to want to eat dinner with the fam.

I know everybody says this, but I’ll never be like that when I’m 48. So whack.

Vicki Harmegian, 15
The unpredictable temperament, the skin flushes, the insomnia—my mother is a total mess. Sometimes I just want to put her in a meat locker and leave her there a couple days—that’ll cure those “hot flashes” she claims to always be having!

You know, though, as angry as she can make me sometimes, I have to remember that one day I’ll be in her shoes. She’s insufferable, true, but I love her and I guess it’s all a part of life. I just wish she wouldn’t be such a moody bee-atch about it. Don’t ever mention it to her that I said that.

Dante Martin, 16
Dad seems distant. I’m not too keen on this “Bill” character he’s spending so much time with. Bill makes too many lame jokes and flirts with my mom. It really brings dad down a notch on the respectability scale. And what ever happened to Rick? Not that I liked Rick much, either, but at least he was better than Bill. I can’t keep track of all dad’s cliques these days.

I know, I know: tastes change, lessons must be learned, and you’ve got to find you own way in this crazy world. But he’s 51 years old, for Christ’s sake. Sometimes I feel like he’ll never figure it out.

Jenny Ingram, 17
There’s this new trend going around with the middle-aged women. It’s called “book clubs.” I have no idea what these so-called clubs are all about, but from what I could gather in various chat rooms, they seem pretty cultish (and not in that cool, goth sort of way). Anyway, imagine my surprise when, last week, mom comes home and tells me and my brother she’s gone and joined one! Well, he started crying and barged out of the room. I tried to open a dialogue about it, but I couldn’t get her to put down Tuesdays with Morrie long enough to get a word in. Not only that, but one of her new “club friends,” Barbara, put this crazy idea in her head about refinancing the house. And dad’s actually considering it!

What is going on with these parents?!

Marcus Adams, 12
I’m afraid dad’s growing up hella fast. He’s been going all hyphy, jawing off a lot lately about retiring, which might be a little premature, in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong: he’s fiscally responsible, and pulls in hella loot cakes, but the man’s only 53! He doesn’t put adequate thought into his actions sometimes, and it makes me hella nervous. The other day he was rambling on—something about joining some semi-pro golf tour. Next thing you know he’ll be tapping into his Roth 401(k) early! God. It’s probably all my fault.

My bad, dad.