ROCK 'N' ROLL HIGH SCHOOL (1979) is a film about a group of students who, with the help of the Ramones, take over their school to combat its newly installed oppressive administration.
09/16/10 | Film

Rock ‘n’ Roll High School

by Howie Good


At night everything gets wet. The ghost of Big Bopper appears, menacing and silent, next to my bed. I don’t like these hours, beggars on every street corner and in front of every church.


I start my day with a pill, sometimes two. He is not a great man, you whisper as you read the paper. I don’t know who you mean. I think for a moment there’s a tiger in the hall and that it will eat me.


You call from a dingy bar in a foreign port. Somebody you just met is convinced Buddy Holly looked right at him three days before the plane crash. I can hear voices cross voices in the background. It’s raining where I am. You smoke your last cigarette.