BLACK SWAN (2010) is psychological thriller directed by Darren Aronofsky concerning the production of Swan Lake
01/27/11 | Film

Black Swan

by Edward Roche

When the black girl who was auditioning for black swan removed her face, the underside was red flesh, and inside her palms lay an inverted face mammal. When the white actresses all freaked out and expunged in their respective bathroom stalls, each toilet resembled a ceramic crown, into which their heads had evaginated. They were bent over, each terraced spine an unhappy flipped smile. When the black girl didn’t get the part of the black swan, she imagined scars as thick as fettucini running down her back, funneling into her crack as some egg and flour pasta rapist offering some alfredo. The scars continued throughout her intestines, out her mouth ending at her tongue. When the black swan negotiated the contour of the man made lake, it saw the ends of two white rectangles poking out of a man’s trench coat pocket, a view rhythmically eclipsed by his wife, as suggested by the metallic noose around their respective ring fingers. The black swan did not know what movie tickets were, and continued counter clockwise around the cement lake. When the black girl watched the husband and wife from park bench, she saw through them at the triangles of negative space made by their walking limbs. She saw trees and then buildings behind those shapes, and finally, behind everything, the swollen arc of the sky splattered by inked fireworks from some quill being flung at the page, that one feather flailing, once flying.