Full House by Feliz Lucia Molina

Lost by Thomas Patrick Levy

Jersey Shore by Darian Reese

Good Times by Reanna Esmail

The Wonder Years by Ken Sparling

Dead Like Me by Thomas Patrick Levy

Laverne & Shirley by Kim Parko

The West Wing by Ken Baumann

The Simpsons by Jimmy Chen

Sex and the City by Krammer Abrahams

Kids Say the Darndest Things by Amelia Gray

Roots by Corey Mesler

Designing Women by David Hart

Deal or No Deal by Marc Peacock Brush

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia by Robert Swartwood

Six Feet Under by Molly Gaudry

Whose Line Is It Anyway? by Maria Anderson

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya by Prathna Lor

Friends by Tim Jones-Yelvington

The Lone Ranger by Peter Cherches

My Two Dads by Brendan O'Brien

Mad Men by Dan Moreau

How I Met Your Mother by Joseph Goosey

Seinfeld by a Titular Collaborative

Saved by the Bell by Sam Pink