In the Shadow of No Towers by Alexander Branson

The Trial by Brian McElmurry

Amerika by Ani Smith

Deliverance by Christine Fadden

Tender Buttons by a Titular Collaborative

The Last Temptation of Christ by Joshua Ryan

Swan Song by Meghan Lamb

Jacob's Room by Claudia Smith

Naked Lunch by Savannah-Louise

The Gentleman from Indiana by Scott Garson

Out of Africa by Krammer Abrahams

White Noise by Chad Simpson

As I Lay Dying by Jamie Iredell

A Room of One's Own by Paul Kavanagh

Ulysses by a Titular Collaborative

Nine Stories by a Titular Collaborative

White Teeth by Crispin Best

Ham on Rye by Darby Larson

The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven by Barry Graham

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Prathna Lor

Journey to the End of the Night by Paul Kavanagh

Lord of the Flies by Jennifer Jackson

Tortilla Flat by Joel Van Noord

V. by Jimmy Chen

Alice in Wonderland by C.J.Krakeel

Brave New World by Ben Spivey

The Road by Minal Singh

Invisible Man by Kevin O’Cuinn