Ghost by Feliz Lucia Molina

Planet B Boy by Richard Chiem

Halloween by Ethan Ryan

Kill Bill Vol. 2 by Brandi Wells

Little Miss Sunshine by Ryan Manning

Black Swan by Edward Roche

Coming to America by Reynard Seifert

Rock ‘n’ Roll High School by Howie Good

Into The Wild by xTx

Basquiat by Brooks Sterritt

Xanadu by Paul Cunningham

Broken Flowers by Richey Piiparinen

Kramer vs. Kramer by Andrew Roe

Cocoon by Amber Sparks

Vagabond by Elizabeth Hildreth

Dances With Wolves by Ryan Ridge

All the President’s Men by Michael Fowler

40 Days and 40 Nights by Claudia Smith

The Kids Are Alright by Eric Feezell

X-Files: I Want to Believe by David Gianatasio

X-Files: Fight the Future by David Gianatasio

Yellow Submarine by Louise Norlie

Die Hard with a Vengeance by Gene Morgan

Home Alone by Ken Baumann

Forrest Gump by Eric Blair

The Lion King by Steve Himmer

Groundhog Day by Stephen Daniel Lewis

Planes, Trains & Automobiles by Matthew Savoca

Inland Empire by Matthew Savoca

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me by Blake Butler

White Men Can’t Jump by Shane Jones

The Mosquito Coast by Marcos Soriano

Men in Black by Krammer Abrahams

Back to the Future by J. A. Tyler

Weird Science by Ravi Mangla

Kill Bill Vol. 1 by Brandi Wells

Antz by Matthew Simmons

Night of the Living Dead by Spencer Dew

Punch-Drunk Love by William Walsh

Hairspray by Kim Chinquee

Super Size Me by Michael Goroff

The Truman Show by Fortunato Salazar

Last Tango in Paris by Adam Moorad

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* by Gary Moshimer

W. by Anji Reyner

The Departed by David Erlewine

Twins by Chris East

The Ten Commandments by Shelly Rich

Gone with the Wind by David Peak

Resident Evil by Hoa Ngo

The Bodyguard by Ryan Dilbert

The Passion of Mel Gibson by a Titular Collaborative

The Owl and the Pussycat by Marcus Whale

Say Anything by Brandon Hobson